Holistik 2.0

We are always doing what we can to move forward, but despite our constant efforts and a solid hustle mentality we may find ourselves feeling stuck, trapped or just simply not knowing what direction we are trying to travel in.


One of the main reasons for this is due to the energy that we have stored in our body from past events. As simple as it sounds emotions are simply energy in motion. When we feel emotions, that is the energy simply moving around our body preparing itself to move on, but through our fears of being “Emotional,” we bury this and rather than release it, we store it somewhere in our body.

This can then manifest as aches, tightness, pains and even sickness through inflammation.


The more we deny our emotions, the more stagnant energy gets stored in our body, further reinforcing the defensive mechanisms we have created within our daily lives to prove that we are not safe and must continue to make ourselves small.

This does not mean that all the energy we have stored is negative, in fact a large portion of the time we actually deny ourselves celebration and enjoyment in the belief that we are not deserving of it.

Regardless of what type of energy it is, storing it no longer serves us and messes up our connection to our compass that is what truly maters to us in this life, our joys, passions and purpose.

The Inner Shaman

What is the Inner Shaman?
"Awaken your inner Shaman. They are your ancient self; the one who harmonises Spirit & Earth, the part of you so deeply entrenched in nature that authenticity, intuition and love surround you. Awaken them from their dream and synchronise with the power to heal, step into purpose, and live as your sacred self."

~ Melinda Rodriguez

"Life does not come from events, but from us. Everything that happens outside has already been."

~ Carl Jung

“What propels things into being is intention, attention, and strong emotion. If we are not careful, we can manifest things we are afraid of, because the Spirit World reads resistance the same way it reads desire. According to shamanic wisdom, what you resist is what you become.”

~ Jose Luis Stevens

"I really believe that we have that capacity and the inner shaman or that archetypal energy is that part of our consciousness that is already connected to the ability to listen to the rhythm? It’s not that we have to learn how to do that. We just have to learn where that place is inside us and shut up for long enough to be able to hear it. And for most of us to be able to quieten the mind down requires quite a lot of physicality. It requires a lot of jumping up and down and shaking and getting physical."

~ Ya’acov Darling Khan

"For me the Inner Shaman is a connection to all things in this universe. From our connection to the physical body, the mental body, the emotional body and the spiritual body." When we connect through these bodies, with the four directions and the four elements of this earth, we have a way to work in complete symbiosis and harmony with this world, earth and universe. We have the ability to see, heal and connect to the unseen and through that, we can live our life with the opportunity for peace and freedom at any moment.

~ Joey "The Peaceful Warrior" O'Dell
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Self Trust

Trust is a valuable part of this journey into self, as without a level of trust in your own self that you need to go on this journey, the information that you will receive will only ever hit the intellectual level and you will not be able to connect to the emotional level that you need in order to truly connect.

Inner Child Connection

In this section of Holistik, We will go on our first Shamanic journey into your internal world and connect to the inner child within you. Self-Trust and Self Connection and safety are an important aspect of this journey in order for us to be able to truly feel what this is for us. Our Inner child is responsible for the fun in our lives, but when they show up and feel a lack of safety, emotional dis-regulation and emotional outburts can be frequently common. Nurturing the inner child will create saftey and trust within the body.

The Shamanic Cycle Of Life

We will learn about the natural law of the universe that is built as a series of 7's. In this case we will look at cycle of the human-being in 7 year stages and we will reveal some ideas about why we are the way we are.

We will go through and connect to any emotional attachments we have to our own journey in a 7-year cycle. This will help us to start to understand some of the emotions we have held on to in the past.

Let It Go - Return To The Earth

This is a very potent and energetically releasing session. Now we understand on a deeper level some of the things that we have held on to within our life it's time to release any emotions that we are holding onto and anything within ourselves that no longer belongs within us. There is a huge amount of gratitude to be had in this session as well as an opening into a level of compassion for who we were and why.

Exploring The Plants of this Earth

Exploring the plants of this earth can provide some major support in our growth and our direction in life. Here we explore education and "Trauma Support." available the TIMPFI (Trauma Informed Plant Medicine Facilitation & Integration)

More Information Coming Soon

We are still very much in the process of integrating this education into the work that we do. Over 2023 we are going to see what this looks like in supporting people through their Trauma Healing Journey.

Stay tuned or feel free to contact us for more details on what this looks like for you.
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The Shadow Child

The shadow or shadow child is a powerful, but sometimes hard-to-grasp concept, so we will start with a bit of education on what this is and how this shows up in our lives. Don't be alarmed. This isn't anything scary. It can bring us some very real and raw emotions and realisations. The shadow child has been there to support us and this can really help us see how.
Inner child, shadow child, YES there is a relationship forming here and becoming the parent for these "children," is an important part of transitioning into taking the lead role in your life.

Embodying Our Journey

So far we will have been through a lot in our journey. There have been new connections, a lot of letting go and potentially we will be in a position we have never experienced before, a position where we are in control. It is important to embody that and start to create a narrative for ourselves so that if we are ever tested, challenged or feel a bit off, we can always come back, to embody this belief in ourselves.

Gratitude is an incredible process that we often miss or take for granted in life. It is important to realise the power that embodying gratitude both internally and externally can have on us.

Ancestral Trauma

So here is something you may not have heard about before; not all of the feelings/pain/trauma you have is yours. There are many different concepts as to why or where these come from, but in reality, they are not yours. Firstly though its important to truly understand what this is and perhaps realise where his has shown up for you in your life.

Finding Your Power Animal

In the Shamanic world there is a very strong connection to the earth and all its children, being the animals the plants and everything else in-between. A connection to animal spirit is possible for everyone, and the deep roar power of this animal spirit allows us to protect ourselves with safety and to also express emotions with power and grace. In this journey we connect to that animal spirit and how you can use that connection for your personal journey.

Always Moving Forward

The final piece to the puzzle is all about embracing the feeling of what we now believe we are and where we can go with that. There are always going to be times in our lives when this will change and we will have to reinvent ourselves once again, but it is always important to fully understand the purpose we will move forward with.

Creating Purpose

It is time to step into the journey and the part of life we are now on or even step into. Going back to our key foundation it is important for us to visit the 7 Year Cycle once again and start to develop your purpose and practice it.
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Embracing Your Connection To Nature

If the HOLISTIK journey sounds like something that aligns to you, the next step is to complete our short application form to see if you are the right fit for the program and to book in a free 90 minute call. Holistik is designed to be a comprehensive and integrated program, looking at and working with you. "There are no limitations to the self apart from the ones we place on it."