Creating Ceremony with nature


A trauma informed approach into communing with plant & herbal medicines.

Plant medicine integration and preparation can often be a lonely one. Without the right guidance and care, trauma imprints that arise in the plant medicine experience can often be “stuck” in the body and mind, leaving an individual feeling disregulated and re-traumatised.

TRUST The Process

The profound healing experiences with plant medicine do not end with the ceremony. The real work begins at this stage. How we integrate the insights that we’ve learned in the plant medicine ceremony, the application of the tools and perspectives we receive will ultimately determine the transformation in our lives.

Stage 1
Intention Setting

Your intention sets the stage for not just the ceremony itself, but for the healing process as a whole. It is a power initiation into where you want to go with the process, and what doors will be opened in order to explore.

“The difference between a drug and a medicine starts with intention.”

Beginning The Process of Healing

This stage is where we begin the healing process and where we first start to open up these energetic pathways.

It is important at this stage to start working with the energy and to get it moving.

This comes in the form of Dietas (A deep surrendering commitment) and various healing modalities such a breath work, movement and connection to the elements.

Stage 2

Ceremony brings clarity about what to do next, whether it’s dealing with grief or how to craft the next chapter of life. It’s also about setting a guiding intent. To sit in ceremony is to make a conscious decision to shift into a sacred space.

The Medicine

Possibly the most sought-after part of the TIMPF experience is the ceremony and convening with the medicine.

So what is medicine?

Medicine is anything that can support the movement of energy. This comes in a multitude of forms from movement & dance, sound, vibrations, plants, and music as well as stillness & breath.

Here in ceremony, we will commune with our chosen medicine, to explore and go on a journey deep within, not looking for a specific outcome, just to observe and understand.

Stage 3

The objective of integration is for the insights received through the sacred medicine experience to be embodied and a living reality, instead of a collection of experiences that fade into the background.

The Space

This integration space is held with safety, care, and compassion, alongside the skilled guidance of breaking free from long-held trauma imprints.

Integration, in the trauma-informed paradigm, is about supporting participants to become an embodiment of their insights. An opportunity to turn your insights from plant medicine into a living reality, in order to create new behaviours, new thought patterns, and ways of responding to difficult people and circumstances.

In recent years, the literature and research around working with sacred plant medicines and psychedelics have grown, however, what’s still missing in the plant medicine world is what comes after the ceremonies. This stage of the work is called integration, and where the “real” work starts in life.

Integrating Is The Key

Shamanic healing is powerful and effective as it harnesses the universal wisdom and power that makes the planets spin, the seasons change and the cells within our body regulate our breathing, digestion and circulation without a conscious thought on our behalf.